Testimonials ForBARBARA POND


I have been told by realtors before that the buyer often does not know what they want. We thought we wanted a small 1920′s house in West Palm Beach FL. We truly did. Barbara dutifully walked us through many, emailed us on new listings and advised us as to best options. I did not know how small the rooms are in an older house.

We were renting in a wonderful condo building in West Palm Beach, rented through Barbara. An amazingly large apartment came up in the same building and she suggested we look, she suggested many times over 2 months before we complied. By the time we did, and were blown away, there was a bidding war and Barbara had another client involved. She recused herself and allowed another agent in her firm to represent us.

Her act was selfless and classy. Her prior client was unlikely to win the bid due to financial logistics.

We did acquire our wonderful place and we are so happy Barbara insisted on our seeing it. She truly had assessed us well and knew what we would need.

We have been involved with many realtors in Southampton, NY when we rent our own home in the summer and when we were buying it. I have never come across a realtor so very intuitive and so very professional and selfless as Barbara.