Testimonials ForBARBARA POND


Barbara was the listing agent for a condominium I was trying to sell at the Moorings in Lantana. Because the market was so bad at the time, she suggested that we try to rent the unit first. Barbara found me a tenant that stayed in the unit for more than one year. This enabled me to keep my expenses down while still trying to find a Buyer.

She aggressively marketed the unit and ultimately found a Buyer (all cash) that was acceptable to me. Throughout the process Barbara communicated with me and routinely kept me abreast of what was occurring. She always responded to my questions in a timely manner and never assumed that I new what was happening even though I am “in the business”, (I am a title agent).

Barbara was courteous, aggressive and reliable throughout the process. I chose Barbara because she was highly recommended by a realtor friend of mine and I was very satisfied with her work.