Testimonials ForBARBARA POND


I thought that selling my condo would be a difficult task for me, however, when I met Barbara Pond for the first time with her pleasant smile, I was immediately at ease. Barbara is attractive, smart, and more than willing to answer any questions or concerns. If she does not know the answer for something, she immediately will research the inquiry and call, email, or text me. She will also come to you personally, and that was so easy for me because we both resided in the same building. Whenever I was uncertain or a bit insecure about my decisions, I would ask Barbara for advice. With her insight and rational reasoning, she always met my needs and desires. Plus, she is computer-savvy, which made my online experience easy and educational. I recommend Barbara Pond because she knows her product, has faith in what she is trying to achieve, and is personable. I surmise that if Barbara was a doctor, she would exude that “bedside manner” and therefore, the patient is not so stressed out about things. She is punctual and willing to work with your schedule. I give her an “A” in my grade book!